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Hi Darren here,
I do much of the technical nitty-gritty design work behind Crust, and run my own small frame-building shop in Los Angeles.  Before getting involved with Crust and Matt I built racks and trailers with a friend which were labelled as Farfarer’s, and helped in the workshop of a long-established and well-respected builder doing a little bit of everything on a couple of hundred frames.  Matt found me in the Farfarer days while he was looking for a better ways to bike tour with his surfboard  Our first designs produced as Crust were sort of the ideal bikes of some of our more eclectic friends, Goat’s Scapegoat, Benedict’s Romanceur, and Matt’s Evasion.  Matt told me to draw up my ideal bike next, and I said “Well, I know what I want to ride but I’d make it myself and use all the best steel I can get” and he said “OK then do a bunch of those”.  So the Dreamer was born.
Think of a cross bike, give it a little more clearance for 650b x 2.25″ tires and slap on a few extra braze-ons for some racks and fenders and that is basically the Dreamer.  I think it is a good design for long day rides on dirt roads and pavement, or for short / fair-weather touring.
The main tubes are an air-hardening alloy which are as light as I think can be while still being robust enough for loaded and off-road riding.  The chainstays are aircraft grade chrome-moly which I custom bend to get the right tire and chainring clearance.  These make for a strong rear triangle with less flex while pedalling than most other frames I have ridden, and a more durable connection at the dropouts which is often a weak point in many designs.  The head tube is machined down to save an ounce.  Most of the small-parts are CNC machined by the good folks at Paragon Machine Works, they put a little extra effort into a lot of their parts which I think goes a long ways toward making a well sorted and light frame.
There are 12mm through-axles front and rear.  For a fork with disc brakes it make so much sense because it creates a better structure to handle the braking forces, for the rear it doesn’t much matter but it is the choice I made.  Skewers are included.  The fork has braze-ons at the dropouts, in the mid-fork on the side for low-rider racks, on the upper middle front for something like a small Nitto rack to support a handlebar bag, and a hole through the crown for small racks and fenders.  The frame has 3 bottle cage mounts, the two on the top and bottom of the down tube are triples for a Manything cage, if ya want.  The stays have mounts high and in the middle for a bag support rack, and small eyelets down low for mounting fenders.  I don’t recommend trying to mount a panniers in the rear, but do whatever you want in the front.  It’s just that we aren’t putting in all this work to chase down that wet-noodle feel.  Cables will run through zip tie guides and that means full housing for everything.
The seat tube will be sized 27.2 with smooth cable access for your favorite dropper post.
These frames will have flatmount rear brakes, but a standard tab on the fork.  The benefit of this choice, besides the mount being stronger, lighter, and simpler, is that the caliper is now on the chainstay and out of the way of fender stays.  Flatmounts on a steel fork are more complicated without offering any advantage which I can see.
If you bite on this pre-sale then you get to choose your color.  They will be finished with a single color professional powder coat, and painted on logo’s in a complimentary color.  Here’s the deal, if you give us a description or even a screenshot of a color you like then the bike will probably NOT come to you exactly how you imagined because screens vary and my idea of “light eggplant” is different than yours.  If you want an exact match, then you need to specify an RAL color code (it is an international color standard, check if you can see a sample chart at your local paint or powder coater, you can also specify something from the the Cardinal or Prismatic powder catalog.
For your exact matchers– this deal only works for colors that are single coat and in stock, our powder coater has a lot so the chances are good, but they charge like double to custom order colors so if you have to have an exact match to a color which has to be special ordered then you have to pay the difference.  Same thing with fancy sparkles and candy translucents, they can do it, but it costs more, again you pay the difference.
So, the options –  Tell us a vague color and you get what you get.  Give a couple of specific colors and you’ll get your highest-ranked in-stock color. Give one exact color to match and maybe pay extra.  Ask for extra style options and pay extra.
Ok, we are trying to get material orders together in the next week or so, and at that time the pre-sale will have to end.  I hope to have these finished and shipping out by the middle of April.
You can order now and you have about a month to decide on your color.
Price for frame and fork is $1675.00 +S&H
To reserve your frame a $500.00 non refundable deposit is required. If you would like to know more or simply place an order please email me or Matt



P.S Low trail version is also available upon request


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  • Xander Dolan

    Are these going back to a straight steerer?

  • Alex Cheek

    Can I get slow cheap shipping to Australia through the Kook mail?

    • Matt.

      I can ship it anyway you want if you figure it out and organize.

  • Dee

    Eyyy. Let me know if a small becomes available pretty please.

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