Hi, We’re Crust And Black Lives Matter To Us

I don’t think Crust has ever formally introduced itself. Crust Bikes is owned and operated by me, Angelica, a Brown Latina and my husband, Matt, a White man from Australia. We are a very tiny company and we just hired our first full-time employee/ friend, Garrett, when we moved to Richmond, VA a couple of months ago. The three of us juggle many rings of fire, but occasionally we hire contractors for visual design who are most often my sister and sister-in-law, both WOC. We’re a pretty family oriented and owned business. We have always done our best to provide representation through our most prominent platform, Instagram. Being a small bi-racially owned business, racism is always a topic of conversation here, we are not afraid of it, we are not afraid to get uncomfortable, reflect, and most importantly learn to dismantle white supremacy. Black Lives Matter is the first step towards the liberation of all marginalized communities, defunding the militarization of police, abolishing our prison system based on profit, abolishing ICE and beyond. We want to hold ourselves accountable towards this movement that will hopefully bring in a better future for Black lives especially in the cycling community. 

Although we are a tiny company, together with you, our customer, we have raised $80,000  in the past year for different causes. We plan on raising AT THE VERY LEAST $80,000 through different raffles and fund-raisers this year and until Crust is no more. We will donate these funds to organizations focused on helping BIPOC. 

We want to create space on our website and social media for Black and Brown stories. Pay our writers for their stories and photos. 

Only time will tell the story of Crust but we want to make a commitment that during our time in the cycling community we are creating a safe space and amplifying the voices of the BIPOC community. And to any of my Black and Brown people in the cycling community reading this, my door, my ears and my heart are always open for you. 

Crust and Crust HQ is our home and I don’t say that in a sweet metaphorical way. It is where we work, eat, shit and lay our heads at night. It is our home, and we will not stand for any kind of racism in our home. “I’m not racist, but ….” will not be entertained. So do me a favor and check yourself before you make an appointment to come in. 

If you haven’t done your part yet, I encourage you to please take action. Below are some links for petitions and organizations who are putting in the work for change. I have also linked some Instagram accounts that are sharing valuable information, as well as sharing their stories as Black Cyclists . Donate money, put pressure on your local government, follow and support black cyclists, listen to their stories, and support black-owned businesses now and always. And if Instagram is too overwhelming for you at the moment, attend your local protest, they need people to show up! It can be re-energizing and inspirational.  A HUGE thank you to the Black women who have shared space with me and let me listen to their stories. 



Petitions/ Donations

Instagram accounts to go follow now!










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