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Don’t you hate when you’re out for a nice ride on your Clydesdale bike with your kitchen sink strapped to the front of it and it starts raining? Sure, you may have a Fairweather Poncho and some other nice rain gear, but you still find yourself feeling like you are standing in Foot Swamp. This tiny Honjo Fender is the answer to all of your soggy woes!

These are aluminum fenders made by Honjo in Japan.

Tire Clearance: ~2.2″

They come with all of the necessary mounting hardware you will need to install it onto your cargo fork.

Both the polished and black fender come with a silver stay.

These are the same profile as a Honjo Flat 65, good to know if you’d like to get a matching rear fender and your frame will fit it. (No we don’t know if your 1992 GT Tequesta or even your 80’s Fuji Sundance will fit a Flat 65. You’ll have to measure and use your best judgement.)

Made in Japan.

Sold as a single front fender.

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions24 × 6 × 8 in

Polished, Black

Clydesdale Cargo Fork Fenders