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Crust rack


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The idea behind the rack is that it attaches to the top of the fork, be it braze ons, or the hole in ya steer tube and to the low rider mounts. With these points of attachment the lower part of your fork blades continue to flex as they would without a rack.

The sides are fully removable, so if you want to run just a top platform around town, then put the sides on for a tour, that is no problem. This also helps for packing the bike in a box if you are flying or such for a trip as the rack can be broken down to be flat.  Another bonus with this feature is that the width can be adjusted, so say you have a fork that fits 32c tires and one that fits 4″ tires, this rack will work on both.

It has mounts for lights and braze ons on the underside of the platform to help mount fenders and stop them from rattling.

Made out of chromoly steel.

For more information on this rack please watch the video below.

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