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The Scapegoat is our most off road focused touring machine. It is essentially a fully rigid MTB, with all the mounts you could ever hope for on an extended backroad/no road bike trip.

The frame is made from double butted heat treated chromoly and ready to withstand the abuse of life on the road.

Small frame is designed around the 26+ platform while every other size is designed around 27.5+

Spacing is boost all-around. This means 110mm X 15mm up front and 148mm X 12mm in the rear.

Internal dropper routing. (31.6 post & 34.9 clamp.)

Rocker dropouts, so you can run single speed if desired.

73mm threaded BB.

Straight 1,1/8th head tube.

The Top tubes on these are long, with the use of short stems in mind. The theory behind this is two things. 1: frame bag space is increased and 2: the wheelbase becomes longer for a more stable ride.



Hand made in Taiwan. 

( Note Dropouts are NOT Paragon made, they are Taiwanese copies, designed to accept Paragon inserts. If you buy replacement Paragon inserts and they don’t for some reason fit, please contact us and not Paragon to resolve the issue. We have not had any issues, I just want to make it perfectly clear that if an insert did not fit, it should not reflect negatively on Paragon, because Paragon did not design or manufacture the frame components.)


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