Ultradynamico Rose



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Here it is straight out of the camels mouths.

The ROSÉ is our most popular tire, it’s also our only tire… perhaps it should be your only tire too? Well, until our second tire is released.

-Handles both pavement and dirt like a skilled musician handles a Stradivarius

-Race compound for superior grip in all conditions

-Luxurious high TPI mystery casing sourced from a Moroccan street bazaar which may vary in hue

-Zero sidewall protection for pure speed- get AAA if you plan on loaded touring with these over rugged terrain

-Exotic file undertread revealed after ~1000k of use (unlike you, this tire gets faster with age)

-Tubeless compatible

-Continuous center tread for optimal propulsion

-Aeronautically designed delta knob pattern for superior braking traction during gravel re-entry

-650B x 47.99


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Weight.5 lbs
Dimensions9 × 4 × 4 in