Puerto Rico

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I am the tiniest diva on two wheels. When I say I’m a diva, I’m not trying to be cute. I am all capitals, in bold, DIVA. I’m the one who gets someone to carry the heavy stuff and do all the physical work because I can’t be bothered. I love my lavender candle, my bed, and my Netflix chill time. I prioritize looking good and feeling 100. With all that being said, you can see how bikes and bike touring don’t exactly fit into my idea of a good time. But I didn’t choose a life of bikes. I fell in love with Matt and consequently married into this crazy shit. On the morning we exchanged vows I inherited Crust Bikes as the loosest, most flamboyant adopted child I never anticipated having. Matt and bikes until I die. For the rest of the story, head to Bikepacking.com

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