Scapegoat Build Tips

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As always, feel free to contact goat ( with any Scapegoat type questions, but here is an FAQ which might just tell you what you need to know.

Our sizing charts are mislabeled (it would seem an easy thing to fix, but we’re busy bike traveling – and think y’all are smart enough to deal with it)

Small on the charts should be medium, medium on the charts should be large, and large should be XL

  •  I (goat) am just under 6’ and ride a large
  • With plus sized tires (3” nominal) you can run whatever 1x drivetrain you want (use cranks with wide chainline (article coming soon)
  • With Fat tires (4” nominal) gearing options are more limited (article coming soon)
  • I recommend hydraulic disk brakes (and big rotors – I run 203’s) with a banjo-bolt on the caliper for neater housing routing


  • If you prefer cable discs (I think bigger rotors are even more important), housing routing is a little unusual (for crank/tire clearance reasons) and the best/cleanest routing I’ve found uses a v-brake noodle in an unorthodox manner




  • Seat post size is 30.9 ( so get your dropper on), seat clamp ID is 34.9
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