Single speed lighting bolt.

I can remember when I first started traveling with bikes and taking them on airplanes, that it was such a simple process. I would ride to the airport, take off my pedals and hand them the bike. No fees, no bullshit. Well those times have definitely changed.

For the longest time I was traveling with a BMX and I would just put the bike in a bag and it was  not  a big deal, I would get to where ever I was going, take the bike out of the bag, build it up, roll up the bag and roll out of the airport. The sense of freedom and joy it brought me riding around a new city was an incredible feeling. Then I got into big bikes, with fragile parts and things got a little more complicated and annoying, to the point where I would often just not take a bike on short trips, which I would always end up regretting.

Fast forward to the present and behold, the Lighting Bolt single speed.

Simplicity was the key objective for this bike, as that is what brought me so much joy back in my BMX travel days. So with that in mind, the bike is single speed specific! If you want versatility and options you have come to the wrong place. I am not chasing perceived simplicity here, but actual simplicity. 120mm rear spacing, 100mm up front. If you want to run 650b and brakes, then long reach calipers such as Dia-compe BRS202 will work. If you run 700c then you will have more brake options. If you go fixed then bingo ya have your legs.

It has fender mounts, but you would have to use a rinko style fender on the rear and that could be pretty annoying, as fenders are fragile, but also very nice for obvious reason.

The Geo is that of the original Lightning Bolt, so this is by no means a track bike, it is a fixed and or single speed randonneur bike.

For those white linen suit wearing CEOs like myself, you will be happy to know this frame is belt compatible so you don’t need to worry about getting grease on that fresh Armani 3 piece. But let’s be real, belts are for your pants, not bikes. ( I predict I will change my mind about this in future episodes.)

The Breakaway system is from Ritchey and is super clean and such a smart design. Ritchey has many models offering this breakaway system and in my opinion has some of the best Taiwanese production bikes on the market. So the bike nerd in me is really excited to be working with them on this project.

A couple of tweaks have been made for the production run and I hope to see them here by October/November.

Anywhere that’s enough jabbering for now, the photos should explain the rest.




  1. andrew j estep

    Hola! I have a Ritchey breakaway cyclocross frame. I love it and was really stoked to see this post. I travel over half the year for work and the Ritchey breakaway has allowed me to get out on some awesome adventures. Two dreams I have are setting up a breakaway frame that can fit a beefier tire and to have disc breaks. Is it possible to make those dreams come true with Crust (because that is the final tip of my triforce). I hope it is. Hugs and respect. Andy

    1. Hi Andy, I don’t think I will be doing a bike like that anytime soon. However Ritchy offers the Outback breakaway which can fit 650bx48s in it.

      1. andy estep

        Thanks, Matt! I saw the outback but really hoping for a steel frame. Give a shout if you ever feel the spirit. Cheers!

        1. If you can find an Ritchey Breakaway Accent frame, you can run 700×40’s or 27.5×2.1’s with disc brakes. They only made that frame for a year or two, I have one and all my buddies want to buy it, but it’s mine forever. Currently touring with it!

  2. Hey! Looks awesome. Do you think they’ll be available in Australia in October too?

  3. Angelica Whitehead

    Hi Matt!
    It’s me, Cheech. I love reading your diary entries. Much love and respect.

  4. I think the concept is really sound, no cables/hoses to worry about and if the bike has all alloy parts it should hold up well during transit.

  5. Are you taking pre-orders? I have much want.

    1. No Pre orders at this stage.

  6. Hey Matt, is this the color you’re planning on for the real deal? I’m so excited about this bike.

    1. Yep this will be the color.

  7. How do you lock these around town? It seems like if someone knew what they were looking at they could take the bike apart and slide it out of a u-lock. Am I wrong?

  8. How big are you gonna make em and can it be 68cm??

    1. 62cm will be the largest.

  9. roland bosbach

    Hi Matt, still vey excited about the prototype and don’t want to miss the first batch! Any update on when the frames will be available for order or preorder? Thanks

    1. Hi Roland,
      They will be available at the latest by early next year.

    2. Very interested in this bike. I’d love to purchase one.

      If I’m not mistaken, the one pictured here is being run fixed with just legs for breaks, correct?

  10. Widest tire in 700 and 650 that will fit?

  11. Hey Matt,

    I keep refreshing the website to see if these frames pop up but no luck so far. Is early 2020 when you are expecting the production run? And can you give any other specifics around timing? Or price?

  12. Hi Matt,
    When will you actually release this wonderful frame?

    1. I hope in a couple of weeks.

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