The Evasion Lite

Here are some updates for those who have asked about the Evasion lite.

The Evasion lite is a stripped backed version of the original Evasion and the differences include the following.

1: Straight 1,1/8th Crust carbon fork with internal dynamo routing and brake cable routing. 100mm X 12mm.

2: Flat mount front and rear.

3: Fixed 142mm X 12mm rear dropouts. No rocker dropouts on this one, in efforts to shave weight.

4: Integrated headset cups.

5: All sizes up to the Large have 28.6 D.T and TT, the Large and Xtra-Large have a 28.6 TT and a 31.8 DT. All sizes are heat treated CR-MO

6: The steel plate on the drive side has been axed, you guessed it, save weight. However by doing this it slightly minimizes the max tire clearance.

It has a 73mm standard treaded BB and takes a MTB crank just as the original Evasion. Fender mounts are also there. Rear rack mounts are not.

Max tire size.

700c x 55. This is with a Rene Herse Antelope hill on the rear and a Fleecer Ridge on the front. Both mounted to Velocity SS blunts. This combo raises the BB height around 5mm then is listed on the chart, putting it at 295mm.

27.5 X 2.8. This is with  Scwalbe G-ones. Rear tire was mounted to a Stans Sentry rim and the front an Enve G27. This combo also put the BB at 295mm in height. Please note more aggressive 2.8s would potentially not fit.

26 x 3.0 fits in the front and 26 x 2.8 is the max for the rear.  This combo put the BB at 285mm

40T front ring max. For all double set up configurations please contact Zach at bike insights.

The original Evasion was designed with a traditional touring set up in mind, 4 panniers, racks and an excessive amount of gear that would get you around the world in comfort and style. This version is much the same, but in line with a more current touring setup, or what they call now, bike packing or jock packing. Which I feel is a disgusting term, can we bring back the term bicycle touring, it sounds so much more fun and adventurous. You know what I am talking about right? Ass rockets and roll top handle bar bags that are a nightmare to access, of course you could have the best of both worlds and use a Fabs chest. But I digress, hang on, just let me add one more rant, there is no tank bag braze ons, those bags should really be called vomit bags, cause let’s speak openly for a second, they are DISGUSTING!

Okay, sorry back to the bike, where was I? Oh yeah, you would use this with two Xpac fabs chests ( For despite the many copy cats out there, the chest is indeed still the best.) and go deep into the tear dungeon on the tour divide and set a new record time. Alternatively  It has the versatility to hit the gravel race circuit with its stripped back design and large amount of tire clearance. For example you could run 650x48s and no longer fear the dreaded mud of Mid South. Of course you could also just go for some chill rides, smile and laugh at how cool and versatile your new ride is and leave the record breaking and races to others.

The frame in the photos is the production frame. It is a size Large and frame/Fork with uncut steer weighed 2948g or 6.5lbs This is the color they will be coming in and with any luck they will arrive early July. Depending on if I get hit with crazy import prices or not they will sell for $1350usd

What about the original Evasion I hear some asking…? Well don’t fear, that beauty is not leaving the line up and hopefully more will be available around October.

Is that enough of a rant and sales pitch? Did I forget a bunch of stuff? If so and you have questions please ask them here so others can see.

Thank you.






  1. alexis pena

    Looks great! Love the color. Is there going to be a pre-sale?

    1. Hi Alexis,
      No pre-sale as I we don’t know if we will get stung with extra shipping prices again as we did with the last order.

      1. alexis pena

        That makes sense, thanks. Can you confirm if it fits a 73mm BB / mtb crank? And more importantly, has anyone called dibs on the large frame used in the pictures? 🙂

        1. Yep it is a 73mm threaded BB MTB crank is needed. This one will remain here as a store demo.

    2. Sorry if I’m missing this, but do you have an ETA for availability?

  2. In your opinion, in what ways does it ride differently than the original evasion?

    I appreciate your time.

  3. Will the fork be available to purchase separately? Thinking it would look pretty dang good on my BMC Monster Cross

    1. Yes, but the forks for separate purchase will still be a few months away.

    2. It responds a little differently when being pushed hard. I am not good at describing feelings, sorry cant really help much with this question.

  4. These look great! Budget only allows for one bike – are we allowed to ask about Romanceurs yet or will this be the light touring bike of choice? Happy either way.

    1. I heard a rumor the Romanceürs might be back sometime this year.

      1. Thank you.

    2. This is the exact bike I have been looking for! I have a Gorilla Monsoon and love it, but wanted something with more tire clerance but no super long rear ends and a carbon front fork. Can the fork take a front rack like a pizza rack?

      1. I would be hesitant to put a rack on it, The mounts are more for manything style cages. I am sure a rack and small Rando bag is fine, but a rack with a basket would most likely be a bit much. The bosses are all connected but an aluminum piece inside the fork, so they are as strong as one could make them, however I never tested rack weight with the fork and only tested each side of the fork with 3kg/6.6 lb each side.

  5. Will the fork be available separately? Love my current Evasion, especially with the rocker dropouts so I can run it fixed, but the new fork looks perfect! I already have King Cages but install is ugly on the steel fork. Internal dynamo routing is always welcome.

    1. Glad you like the new fork and your current Evasion. Yes, but the forks for separate purchase will still be a few months away.

  6. Mark Roberts

    It looks great. How much weight difference between the standard Evasion?

    1. Good question, but sorry I do not have any of the standard Evasions left to weigh.

  7. Bobbbbbbbby

    Will the fork be available for purchase separately?

  8. Jason Gendill

    I’m super bummed that the fork is not a 15x100mm spacing 🙁 All my old awesome mountain wheelsets are loosing options and that makes me sad. All because of 3mm….

    1. Maybe you can switch the end caps on your hubs. But non boost 15mm is dead, not by my choice, just the way it is.

  9. Why not a tapered headtube? Besides this fork that is included it’s increasingly hard to find a decent carbon option for the size. This is a deal breaker for me.

    1. In my opinion tapered head tubes on most bikes serve no purpose. So I could not see the point in putting one on this bike, just because the majority of the industry is doing so. Not saying I know more, or this is better, it is just my opinion and seeing as I am lucky enough to do what I want on bikes I design, I did just that and did what I wanted in a bike. No big deal if it is not for you, there are many cool bikes out there to choose from.

      1. Luke Hendrickson

        I have a carbon fork Ritchey Swiss Cross canti with the famed straight head tube that Ritchey won’t ever budge on. Thank you for doing what so few out there still do. F*#& tapered (unless it’s carbon which I guess is used to make carbon ride less like crap). Crushing it with frames, Matt.

        1. Thanks Luke. Yeah I really look up to Ritchey, they for sure walk their own path.

  10. I like the term “bike camping.” It implies something more rustic and backwoods than traditional touring, while the action verb is a more chill activity than “packing” shit. “Bike” provides the means of transport, “camping” indicates the real reason we head out the door in the first place.
    ps- this new rig looks sick af.

    1. Yeah I agree, that does have a nice ring it.

  11. Looks sweet.. Will that fork be available separately?

  12. Do you reckin the new wave of OG Evasions will have clearance for 27.5 x 2.8? Thank you for being Crusty, this industry needs more of that.

    1. Yep, the last couple of versions could also clear them.

  13. I really appreciate how you included images with all the wheel and tire variations! SO helpful and thoughtful on your part 🙂

    1. Glad it helped. I always try, just more often then not there is not enough hours in a day to get everything done.

  14. This looks awesome and love the color! Minor typo above, rear spacing I assume is 142 x 12mm.

    1. Ooops. Thanks for the heads up.

  15. Is the yellow color gonna be a frameset or complete build?

    1. There are no yellow ones, only the mint green. We can build frames up if requested, if not frame set only. If you would like a build pleas contact

      1. But there was a mustard yellow one on Crusts story on Instagram

  16. How would you compare the ride or style of Evasion Lite to the Bombora? Both look very intriguing.

    1. Pretty much the same. If you want more tire clearance go with this one, if you want to run a road crank, go with the bombora.If you don’t care about any of that, go with the one that will get you the most psyched about riding.

  17. Also, would a 55mm Fleecer Ridge fit in the rear?

    1. Yep, just had that tire mounted on the rim so I used it.

  18. Sorry, two more questions. Are there fender mounts on the fork and frame, and is there attachment points for a rear rack? Thanks so much!

    1. Yep fender mounts all-round. No rear rack mounts.

  19. Jim Jones

    Looking sweet! Do you know if there is any toe overlap on a size medium/170mm cranks/27.5×2.4?

    1. Kinda depends on ones foot position. But I would say no.

  20. Josh McCullock

    He shoots, he scores!!! Well done Matt!

  21. Will there be any other colors or just this one? Very psyched to build it up.

  22. Will you have a step through version?

    1. Yep, the XS will be step thru.

  23. 1-1/8 straight head tube, tire clearance, geo, colour… Love it!

    What is the A/C measurement of the fork and is the steerer alloy or carbon?

    1. Carbon steer. 400mm AC

  24. Andrew Gowans

    Looks great. Fork axle to crown?

  25. Can it Pec Dec?

    1. The front can the rear can not.

  26. Thoughts on evasion lite + cargo fork + dog? Thinking it would be a many use frame, and swap out the fork depending on the ride.

    1. Its so crazy it just might work.

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