The Nutmeg Nor’Easter.

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A carriage road tour of the resplendent fall colourés of #nutmegcountry , Martha Stewarts home state!

an instagram paced ride, with 3 timed (2 down, 1 up) grandé randuro sectors mixed in.  if you think thats totally stupid, then you don’t have to do it.  so this event is essentially bringing peace between the war torn and ragged worlds of racers and recliners, as only the true blonde Jesus of cycling would have the heart to do!

so when we finish the ride (69.420 kilometers (likely), 4,000 ft of climbing), we will reconvene at the meet up (as of now its the Clinton local beach.  that could change, hence the “”, but the town beach is good.  it has public restrooms, a parking lot for your car for the day (like 20 spots?), and pavilions.

so at the finish we will have artisanal pizzas being wood fired in an imported oven by one of my favorite guest chefs:::  also fine drinks, bike demos, exclusive crust bikes deals (for real!), and really good bike and bike parts flea market (if only between myself Belmar bike shop and ED (but seriously, bring some stuff to sell, and cash to buy… gonna be some nice stuff for good deals!).

after the party thing (around 6:30?) I will be leading a group to go camping about 10 miles away.  so if you can’t get home or whatever, and just wanna camp, bring yer camp stuff and stash it in yer car or someone els’se car (if you took the train from NYC *hint hint)::: do the ride, come back, gourmet party and buy tons of shit you don’t need (but need sooooo bad), then ride out to a fire in the woods to go camping on the ground with bugs and stuff.  or just drive home and get a shower and chair massage before lulling into a deep and restful sleep lofted atop your organic buckwheat hulled mattress with your lavender mister on all night.  either way.

so please pre reg here so I have a good handle on how many to expect.  that will help with how many pizza rounds I need to tell my guest chef to make, and how much coffee I need to buy to provide you with elegant pour overs the morning of with complimentary “poppi’s cooking” provided in the price of your reg fee.  bring some cash for pizza and beer.  but the prices will be reasonable, unlike my web store. 😉

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